About Me

Welcome to my blog! Writing has always been my passion. It fascinates me how versatile a person can be while writing, and I strive to be a better writer myself to become even more than just versatile.

I’m Shiri Zan; nice to meet you! I’m 30 something, and I decided to make this blog to share my knowledge and thoughts about different hobbies that I do, but I will definitely focus more on writing. Even if the market for this type of content is already saturated, I’m confident that I can provide a different take on this one, and I promise that you’ll be coming back for more.

I originally wanted to make a blogging site long ago, but since I’m naturally busy, I didn’t have enough time to dedicate to making it happen. But after several years, here we are! I finally have a blogging site that I can use to interact with other people as well.

You see, writing is fantastic. You can create stories, make worlds that only collectively exist in our minds, and even compose commanding texts that are used for business. The amount of things that a writer can do is only limited to his/her imagination.

Oh, but still, you should be concerned about improving your technicalities. While it’s not really a hindrance to your progress, it is still a lot better to have a better grasp of better writing skills so that you can level up your creations. If you’re trying to be better on that part, then you are in the right place! I will provide different tips and strategies to make better content, even for academic purposes, business, or even for your personal use only. I swear that everyone can become the next best-selling author; you just have to dedicate yourself to this craft and put enough time into practice.

I will also consider this blog as a creative outlet for me to put my writing skills to test and hone them at the same time. I’ll try to create different content types, even things that might have never been done before!

I know that this will be a challenging ride, but I hope that you will stick with me until the end, though I prefer that this blog will continue forever, of course. If you want to ask something about writing or even just life in general, feel free to do so as I really love to engage in discussions.

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