A Guide to Proper Dressing for Different Occasions

The current generation just came and realized the different complexity of dressing modes that exist. We have also contributed in ameliorating the quality of dressing as well as the design to suit our personality. Dressing conveys a lot of information about ones personality and character. It determines our level of maturity, what profession we are involved in. In fact this may be fun, but it is the truth, our dressing have much influence on the way we behave in the society. It goes as far as determining our composure, working style etc. Our dressing mode also play a very big role in body language. Knowing how to dress is a habit. This habit is cultivated and directed by different cultures and dressing codes for example, business dress code, formal dress code, cocktail dress code etc. People are most often respected when in a suit no matter their personality.

Dressing Codes/standards

Some basic dressing standards do exist; these are defined by the different dressing codes. We do not only dress for privacy purpose, but dressing is important in keeping us warm and thus prevents us from certain diseases such as cold. Proper clothing can also enhance healing. This implies proper dressing should cover the chest area. Beyond this, one of the most important things to note about dressing is that our dressing influences our thoughts. Once in a suit, you portray maturity. As described by Abraham Rutchich more formal dressing (defined by a formal dress code) makes an individual think broadly and holistically. Hence the thoughts in a formal wear; whether formal dresses for women or formal dresses for men empowers you with big dreams; dreams to stay at the top. Meanwhile, with informal dressing your thoughts are narrow, and with the semi formal attire, your thought is between the two. I highly believe it is this thought that led to the development of the business dress codes imposed by some reputable institutions.

There are different dressing standards. These standards or dressing codes vary from one social milieu to another and with professions. What is worn to an office is very much different with what is worn to the beach. It will really look absurd to fine one at the office with bikini or fine one at the beach with a suit. Although there are some persons that like to be in suits most of the time, it will be strange to fine such persons at the beach in such attire. However, there are some elegant dresses for special occasions. What do you consider a special occasion, date, marriage, contract negotiation etc? Special occasions vary between individuals and groups of individuals. This implies a very high degree is needed to determine elegant dresses for occasions or rather elegant dresses for specific occasions. Nevertheless, a majority of persons know and can differentiate dresses that can be considered as elegant for specific occasions.

What a Complete dressing entails

The word dressing is not limited entirely to dresses. It represents our overall outlook. Although dressing plays about 70 % in how we look, a complete dressing takes into consideration our hair style, make up, dresses, shoes and hand bags or briefcases. Shoes contribute significantly to our dressing and are addressed in the business dressing codes and others. The design of the shoes will determine what occasion it is intended to be used. For example a lady shoes with heels makes dressing very smart and can be used for special occasions like cocktail party.

For men, a dress, hair style and shoes makes them complete whereas ladies require more like jewelries, (although some men make up). Not only are specific dresses and shoes considered for specific occasions, make ups and handbags too are specific for a particular purpose.

Factors that influence our dressing mode/style

Different people based on their cultural, religious, social background and individual preferences will obviously have different dressing preferences. Generally, an individual’s dressing mode is influenced by the following;

Colours: bright colours are usually associated with fashion and casual wears. For professional purposes black, grey and navey colours are preferred for formal dresses for women and men alike. Generally, men’s dresses are made of dark colours, a few men use bright colours. These are mostly celebrities.

Women are flowers so they have a variety of colours to make their choices. Formal dresses for women can be made of some bright but deem and matured colors like red.

Design: Actually the design indicates the purpose for which a dress should be worn. The design distinguishes formal dresses for women or men, party dresses for women or men, wedding suits for women, and other elegant dresses for women. Design is the most creative aspect of dressing. The design determines the cost of the dress. Money is actually paid for the cost of the fabric and the time taken to design the dress. This is where designers have some distinctions with some of them specializing in wedding dressings for women, formal party dresses for women and other in causal party attire.

Economic reasons: one will also purchase a dress that is affordable. It has been observed that casual wears are less expensive as compared to special occasion dresses. The cost differs depending on the design of the dress. The cost per dress is also associated to designers. Some designers are relatively more expensive than others. Some designers specialize in wedding dresses for women, others in men’s suits, others in formal dresses for women. However, there are others that produce more than one type of the different types mentioned.

Purpose of purchase: the choice for a particular dress is determined by the purpose for which it is intended to be used. Formal wears do not really suit casual occasions because of the limited mobility options it presents. Dresses for use in the house are not appreciated in gatherings that require special occasion dresses, like graduation ceremonies. Therefore you should note that occasions for casual wears you need to respect the casual dress code, if not you may appear over dressed for the occasion; which may make you a little uncomfortable. Nevertheless, it is better to be over dressed than under dressed.

Fashion dresses: These are dresses worn by person at a particular time. The word fashion is used to refer to creative top designs at a particular time. Who likes going with the crowd?; The mad rush for modern dresses, top and unique designs. Celebrities will always like to appear in such dresses. Have you ever observed any celebrities occasion? There, the top fashion designs are the other of the day. One person once said, celebrities events are a show of their dressing styles. Fashion is part of celebrity. Designers will always use celebrities to display their creativity.

Types of dressing

There are some very smart dressings that suit all occasions. The all occasion outfit makes you neither under dressed nor over dressed. Once a dress is elegant for example the elegant dresses for women like a gown it can be worn to the office, official gatherings and weddings. A man’s formal wear like the white shirt, black trousers and a tie can be worn to the office, weddings and other events.

Professional or formal outfits

A professional outfit could be an individual’s dressing or an outfit for specific professions like the laywers, or nurses. Reputable institutions and companies usually have a business dress code. It is usually an obligation for employees in such institutions to be dressed professionally from Mondays to Thursdays. A casual wear is usually accepted on Fridays. At times when workers go to work on daily basis, they are not really expected to be in suits but should be neat. You need to know when to put on a suit, especially during presentations or a television interview. On a daily basis your hair should be neat. An additional touch may follow; that is you have to represent your company. Dark coloured dresses are preferable. Avoid your hair from falling on your face and your makeup should be very simple.

A professional look is very influential and is the most preferred dressing for negotiations. The non respect of the business dress code can lead to sanctions.

– Colors for professional dresses

In as much as no color is completely obsolete for professional dressing, best colors for formal wears for women and men are tan, navy blue and brown.

Formal dresses for men; men’s professional dresses are not varied; suits, simple shirts and trousers with a shirt and tie. Men’s trousers should be of dark colors while their shirts are of lighter colors. The shirt could be of single color like white, sky blue, light pink better still off-white or it could be light shades of colors. Check shirt is also admirable.

Know what colors to wear.

When one is not too sure of what color is appropriate then stick to dark/conservative colors. The color of a particular dress will really be determined by its appearance, while a dark red shirt is acceptable for men, a dark red coat can really look annoying in a professional milieu.

You could have a number of ties of different colors that align the color of dresses in the ward rope. Just like dresses for men, the colors for their shoes are also very much limited. Shoe color should be black, grey, brown.

For a tv interview it is good to wear a shirt with sleeves or a jacket so that the microphone can easily be attached to your dress.

It is very much interesting to note that our posture matches very much with dressing. When delivering a presentation, you do not need to sit back, be upright, whether sitting or standing. That shows some confidence in you and also keeps your audience awake.

Formal dressing for women; women have a variety of designs to pick out for professional or corporate use. They could choose suits that are either trouser and jacket or skirt and jacket. They are also corporate gowns. Whether gowns or skirts, they should not be more than two fingers above knee level. Very long gowns and skirts are not very much appropriate for corporate use because they do not allow easy movement. The choice of a dress based on the color is determined by its design. Formal women dresses are appreciated in same colors like the men. However, bright colors depending on their appearance are also appropriate for women corporate wear.

Make up; this is an important aspect not well understood by most women. In a professional milieu make up should be light, supple and with gentle colors. Keep hair neat and shiny. Our hair style should match the occasion. Do not include bright decorations on the hair as if you are going a party or wedding.

Shoes; women also have a vast variety of shoe colors. The color and design of the shoes should match the dress. One also needs to know how to blend colors. That is which color of shoe, dress and handbags. An appropriate dressing comprises of two or a maximum of three single colors. However, multi color dresses, shoes and/or bags can be used. As a dressing principle, it is odd to put on different multicolor skirt and blouse and shoe. One of these items could be multicolored and the rest made of single colors.

Your jewery should be small and simple. Avoid very big jewelries.

Casual outfits:

Casual dresses are a more relaxed and comfortable dressing style. Casual attire for women and men usually very relaxing can be worn on Fridays to work and on weekends or in the evenings. Casual dresses foe work must be elegant and suit the work environment. Casual dressing depends on where they are worn. Casual dressing for work should be different from casual dressing for other occasions like parties. While casual dressing for parties can be sleeveless and short, casual dress for work must be highly conservative, thus respecting the casual dress code. Jeans and t-shirts fall in this category. Casual jackets usually have just one button,

Traditional out fits: Traditional outfit portrays culture, history. The outfits are marked by their colors, fabric and designs. Most traditional dresses are very colorful. The different fabrics are catered for differently. These outfits are special occasion wears for traditional gatherings. However, there are some traditional outfits that can be for multipurpose use.

Party dress: Designed for wearing to parties. They are distinguished in their fabric, color and designs and look very fancy. They are often colorful and very stylish. Party dresses may or may not be relaxed, but must not be conservative. Party dresses differ with respect to the different types of party, garden party, birthday party, cocktail party. Party dresses are usually luxurious. The host may decide on a particular color of dress to wear to his party, however, you need not to be told what you should wear to a gala night.

Wedding dresses: Special dresses are worn by couples on this special occasion. The history of wedding dresses for women is based on preference of some public figures (princesses) and tradition. In the west white is the most used color while in the east red is widely used. Couples put on different attires to court, church and reception. Although the main wedding attire is a suit of white, black colors and white colored shirts. The wedding dresses for women can either be a suit to court and the immaculate white gowns to church with a veil. The bridegroom party wear is usually a gown. Although white is considered a traditional color of couples on their wedding day, some ladies do not different color party dresses. In the African communities, some couples put on traditional wears to court.

Beach wear: Beach dresses are made light of fabrics.Beaches are mostly visited in summer. It is very hot along the beaches due to its sandy soil. Beach dresses for women are often light weight, permitting you enjoy better the sea breeze and keep cool. The women are seen in either short or long gowns, with slippers or scandals, with or without a hat. generally characterized by very hot pants. This is meant to suit its purpose of attractiveness; seduction etc. beaches are fun places and as such require fun dresses. Nevertheless, the beach can serve as a location for some special events like weddings. You will not have to put on the usual wedding outfits like suits, heavy party gowns neither will you like to appear in any of your usual beach dresses. For such occasions a simple elegant wear will do. The fabric must be considered. Do not appear in suede material as if you want to keep off the winter cool. If the occasion is of the classic nature then a simple suit made of cotton or linen would be appropriate. Remember you need to be the second best man or girl and not the first. You will also need to put on a good shoe, but shoes with heels are not appropriate for the beach, and sandals not good for weddings, consider wearing a good and low shoe.

How to care for your dresses

Dresses are cared for differently based on the fabrics and designs. Some fabrics can be washed and dry cleaned while others can be dry cleaned only. In fact, dresses meant for dry cleaning only are often indicated. Read tags usually placed in the neck region or at the sides of dresses to determine the cleaning options for specific dresses. We have also recently been informed that most of the dresses carrying the machine wash tag is just for marketing purposes, since many persons will prefer such dresses to hand wash dresses. One really needs to learn how to wash dresses, to know which fabrics are appropriate for machine or hand wash. Do not wash silk, polyester and linen in the machine. These materials are affected by the machine and will lose their quality.

Usually most formal dresses for women and men are recommended for dry cleaning due to the materials used. When such special occasion dresses are washed, they get destroyed; twisted. The damage is such that the dress become useless, only good for the bin. It cannot longer give one the elegant look that is needed. The different types of dresses are catered for differently. The cleaning of dressing constitutes an important professional discipline. If you have much work or you are unable to care for a particular type of dress you can take them for cleaning by professionals and pay for their services. These professionals are either found in pressings or are individuals who work in the homes of the clients when their services are required.

Wedding dresses for women are very ambiguous and require the service of a professional. The formal dresses for women and men should also be taken to professionals. One may be tempted to ask when it is appropriate to wash dresses. Dresses are not only washed when you fine dirt or stain on them. Once a dress is worn it is no longer clean because we sweat on them as we respire. Some dresses can be worn two to three times before washing, others can be won only once especially white colored dresses. However, to wear a dress more than once depends on the activities conducted. Consider airing your dress each time it is worn.

Even for dresses that require washing, it can either be hand or machine wash. Machines have made work relatively easy. You could either use the machines for washing or dry in the open either directly on the drying line or using a hangar. Colored fabrics should not be left in the sun for too long because it will fade away. You can also dry using drying machines. Those who work on a tight budget or want to economize their finance can dry the dresses in the open, provided they have enough time. After washing and drying, you will need to press the dresses to give it the elegant look it deserves.

Coming up next on voticle is an article with detail information on how to care for your dresses.