The Best Blogging Sites of 2020

Some people might take blogging for granted, but it is undeniable that it is still a thriving writing platform. Even if many people nowadays have transitioned to consuming video-based content, there is still a sizable market for blogging. In 2020, there are many options if you want to get started, and here are some of them. still takes the best spot for its features and beginner-friendly interface. Aside from that, is also an ideal platform to use if you’re aiming to get serious in blogging. It has impressive customer support, and the pricing is fair for its many offerings. Over-all, if you want to scale your blogging career, is the best platform to patronize.

It is easy to confuse with mainly because of their naming schemes. They are related to one another, but both are offering different approaches when it comes to blogging. For one, is the best platform to use if you want to try out blogging without paying anything.

Google-powered blogging platform Blogger may not be the instant first choice by many, but it is also a useful alternative for for those that are after free services. The best thing about Blogger is that you don’t need any coding or technical knowledge to get started, as everything will be sorted out along the way after creating an account.

You might have known Wix already because of their specific and quirky adverts, and although they provided some contexts of their service, there is still a lot to discover by just using their service. They offer free and paid hosting and subscriptions, which means that the platform is perfect for bloggers who want to take blogging seriously later on.

Squarespace is comparable to Wix with their subscription options and also drag and drop functions. Squarespace is particularly popular for businesses and startups who don’t have that much budget for digital marketing. Aside from website building, they also offer hosting as a bundle with their subscriptions.

Medium’s approach is different from all the other services that are listed here. It’s not an advisable decision to go with Medium if you want to take blogging a lot seriously. Still, this platform is best if you’re going to have something to share your thoughts and knowledge without thinking about coding.

All of these services have existed for years or even decades, but they’re all still alive today. You should formulate your choice depending on your needs as some of these options are offering more than you could’ve expected.

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